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Monthly Archive for June, 2017

Day #16: Home

Goodbye, London! We flew home from Heathrow on a pleasant and uneventful nine hour flight. The short Alanta-Tampa leg was a bit of a goat rodeo as we somehow managed to get screwed out of our Economy Comfort seats and then lost one of our suitcases at baggage claim in Tampa.  Thankfully, it was mistakenly […]

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Day #15: London

Per my discussion of yesterday about picking what to do while in London, we knew that we wanted to head out of central London today, but we couldn’t easily decide whether to go to Hampton Court Palace or Windsor Castle. Everyone but Emerson has been to both at least once, though not in many years. […]

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Day #14: London

Ahhh… London. It’s good to be back. Although it’s always oddly difficult to figure out how to spend our time during a short visit (same issue two years ago). Ironically, I think it’s because we’re so familiar with the city and have spent so much time here.  As a result, we’re usually picking between things […]

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We flew back to London today (more on that later). Since our flight wasn’t until 6:15, we spent the morning and afternoon checking out other sights in Copenhagen, focusing on Rosenberg Castle after having a wonderful breakfast of coffee and pastries.  This was built by one of Denmark’s most popular and (initially anyway) successful kings, […]

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Day 12: Copenhagen

Back in Denmark… We left Stockholm on the 8:21 train and enjoyed a pleasant ride through the rolling hills and lakes of the Swedish countryside.  We arrived in Copenhagen a bit after 1:30 in the afternoon. It was a short walk from the station to our hotel (same one as before). We then grabbed a […]

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