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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

What’s a country?

In my last update you may have wondered: why “plus two” countries when Paul and Libby just went to Alaska (USA) and Canada? For our Travel Trifecta rules, we’re using the country list defined by the Traveler’s Century Club (here’s a link to their country list and rules). So what? Well, the TCC actually counts […]

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Travel Trifecta Stats: Updated

So, I’ve finally managed to get our travel stats updated, as well as the “Been There!” and “Going There!” pages. With the Alaskan cruise, we’ve inched a bit closer to our goal: 23 (+2) countries and 18 (+1) states. I also realized that I’d forgotten a country in my prior count: Vatican City, thus bringing […]

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At the airport…

We’re in Vancouver and at the airport. Transit between ship to plane was seamless. We did the expedited disembarkation, and it was a breeze for us. Our outbound plane just landed, so hopefully everything will be on time (as our connection in ATL is close).

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After setting our clocks forward an hour last night, we awoke a little later this morning. We enjoyed another breakfast in our cabin, followed by some conversation over coffee. We also learned this morning that we’d successfully beaten back the dreaded “dam shits” and were safely off of “code red” conditions. Bonus! Our first event […]

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Day #6 Ketchikan, AK

We awoke this morning to the sight of a foggy and slightly choppy sea. I find that after a few days on a particular cruise you eventually settle into a certain pattern of life. And, so we’ve done on this journey. We started the day with our usual room service breakfast. We followed this up […]

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