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Yearly Archive for 2010

Back home…

We returned home on Sunday without incident from what was a very relaxing and ultimately (perhaps even surprisingly so) enjoyable Caribbean trip. I have to post some final reflections on the trip and (ideally) something of a more formal ‘cruise review.’ I’ve already updated the “Been There!” page and stats to reflect the added countries. […]

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Cruise Day #8 & 9 — At Sea

Well, I wrote a relatively lengthy post for Day #8 (yesterday), which the WordPress iPad/iPhone app summarily ate. It’s a free app… so I can’t bitch too much, but it really is largely a piece of crap that’s probably worth less than what I paid for it (nothing). It’s actually the second time that my […]

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Cruise Day # 7 — St. Kitts

Our day began under mostly cloudy skies, which quickly cleared to brilliant blue punctuated by the occasional, floating puffy cotton ball. Unlike prior mornings, we all had breakfast in the Garden Cafe. And, then we passed the morning enjoying the sights of nearby Nevis and the sail into our port of call, St. Kitts. We […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To our family and friends at home who are following the blog during this trip. The subject line says it all! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Cruise Day #6 — Barbados

I’ve often read that the life of old-time mariners was dominated by routines… a repetitive series of watches: scrubbing the decks, navigational observations, consumption of (often equally repetitive) meals and drink, etc. While perhaps boring, I understand that crews were less happy when the routine was interrupted (unless, of course, the disruption involved clearing the […]

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