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Castles in the sand…

Burj Khalifa
Source: Wikipedia

We’re thinking about visiting Dubai in 2011 on a 7-night cruise on Royal Caribbean. I don’t actually think that we’ll especially like Dubai. Yet, I’ve been feeling pulled towards it more and more over the past few months. Like the cruise we have planned for this summer, it’s a practical way to leave the baby for a short period of time but hit a lot of new countries (note: the TCC guidelines count each emirate as a separate one).

However, my interest extends beyond mere “country count” greed.

No, I think Dubai is an interesting symbol of the last decade. It’s a sort of microcosm of what went on in the United States, especially in my home state of Florida.

First came the boom with no end in sight.

Then the bubble burst.

Next ensued a financial crisis and bailout.

Earlier this week, Dubai celebrated the opening of the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest skyscraper at 2,717 ft. While some have applauded Dubai’s vision, most have likened it to a modern-day Tower of Babel. Which view is right? Only time will tell.

Yet, I believe this moment marks either a new dawn or fall of night for Dubai.

Either way, I want to check it out.

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  1. Myndi says:

    5 years ago, I couldn’t even have told you where Dubai was…and then Emaar (the company that built the Burj!) purchased the company I was working for, and I was dying to be one of the lucky ones to be sent there for a business trip. Never happened. And now their masterpiece is done, and I am definitely interested in seeing it, though I must say, like you, I’m not sure I would be that interested otherwise.

    As an aside, my brother, who is very, very well-traveled, thinks everyone should visit Dubai once. He enjoyed himself, but mostly said it’s unlike any other place on earth and that alone makes it worth visiting. Have fun!

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