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Home… again.

Well, I’m finally on my way back to Tampa to remain there for more than 10 hours, unlike my earlier ‘visit’ home this week. This has been a really long week… between travels in/from Europe on Mon-Wed and work/meetings Thur-Fri.

When I sit back and reflect on it, it’s actually fairly amazing that one can be in Slovenia, Croatia, or Italy in the first half of a week, travel back to Florida in a single day, get on a plane a couple of hours later and travel halfway across a different continent — all in relative comfort and safety. In most of the span of human history such a sojourn would have been physically impossible, if not utterly inconceivable. It’s really just amazing. A friend of mine once shared a funny (and ironically true) YouTube clip from Conan O’Brien’s former show of Louis CK pointing out that “everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.” Such seems to be the paradox and state of the modern human condition. Oh well, I suppose that’s at least good for self-help authors and psychopharmacologists. The economy can use the stimulus in any form, I suppose. 😉

In any case, I plan to spend my weekend with Libby and Emerson in an entirely unproductive fashion.

P.S. It looks like my flight is delayed due to a problem with the plane: too much fuel. It takes an hour to pump it off. Amazing. Yes. Happy. No. 😉

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    Welcome home, and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

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