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Some (don’t) like it hot

We ended up switching hotel rooms last night. Our original room, while cozy and charming, was also rather hot/humid. After realizing it was hotter inside than outside (as well as knowing from prior experience that open windows are NOT a viable option in Venice), I called the front desk.

After getting maintenance involved, we learned our A/C was broken. The regular rooms in the hotel were sold out. So, they had to move us into a suite (which was sweet).

We’re now 2/2 in the past two days on “upgrades due to broken stuff.” I’m hoping that we don’t have the same luck on our ship. I really don’t want to have to row back to Italy to get a better boat. 😉

Here are photos of the old and new rooms:

2 Responses to “Some (don’t) like it hot”

  1. Dick says:

    Paul and Libby,

    With your luck the cruise line will upgrade you to the presidential suite, or did you already book it? I am sure they would send a motor launch for you if needed. The room at the hotel is lovely; keep the posts and photographs coming. I love reading your updates.

  2. Steve says:

    You’ve got to love Apple 😉

    Have a great cruise.

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