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Sunday in the City

This morning we took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island–something we’ve never done in many visits to NYC. Lady Liberty was glorious and all that… but, really, like the Pyramids — it’s so familiar that it was a bit underwhelming.

In contrast, Ellis Island was great and far more personally moving. I don’t **think** any of our family passed through this gateway, but it was nonetheless remarkable. To leave one’s homeland for a new country… I can only imagine the range of emotions that the immigrants must have felt.

After our sojourn to lower Manhattan, we headed up to SoHo to do a little window shopping. It’s a pretty cool area with trendy boutiques and art galleries. Saw some awesome Damien Hirst prints for sale. Too bad I was $27,900 short of the $28,000 price tag. :-)

Next we went to MoMA to see the Matisse exhibit and view works in the permanent collection. The Matisse show was interesting but packed with crowds. It focused on an important and somewhat transitional period of Matisse’s work: 1913-1917. Unfortunately, much of the permanent collection wasn’t on view, as galleries were being rehung. Disappointing. And really, that’s sort of crap after paying a $20/pp. entry fee. We did at least get to see a number of Mondrian paintings, as well as some works by Daniel Buren.

We walked back to the hotel. En route Libby stopped in a few shops on Madison Ave. and picked up a new Furla purse. It “spoke” to her. But, you’ll have to ask her what it said…

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