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To Brooklyn and back…

This morning we took the subway to Brooklyn and visited the Brooklyn Museum. This was our first visit to the museum, and we were favorably impressed. Exhibitions featured Andy Warhol, Kiki Smith, and the winner from the television series Work of Art.

The Warhol exhibition featured works from the last decade of his life–a very interesting period that demonstrated an expansion of his practice and application of his techniques beyond his famous Pop art of the 60s. An example is below… silk screening to create a work akin to earlier abstract expressionist paintings. We skipped the Kiki Smith show, as we’d seen it in Barcelona about 18 months ago. We also enjoyed seeing Abdi’s work from Work of Art, as we’d closely followed the show this season.

After the museum, we traveled back to Manhattan and hung out in Greenwich Village for a while. We liked the feel of the Village. And, we enjoyed visiting NYU.

Tonight we’re having dinner at Brasserie Las Halles, Anthony Bourdain’s French bistro.

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