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Cruise Day #2 — At Sea

This is my second attempt at writing this post. My first attempt failed when after typing for 40 minutes, the damn iPhone app locked up. Grrr!

So, here’s an abbreviated version:

It’s now 3am. I’ve been up for 2+ hours already after being awakened by the banging of drawers (now wedged securely shut) in some modestly rough seas.

Our day at sea was largely uneventful, save for an unfortunate incident on the balcony involving all of us getting covered in banana and mixed berry baby food. :-)

We ate a yummy late breakfast in the ship’s Matisse-inspired dining room, attended a culinary demonstration, watched a movie (or two), and generally just relaxed. Dinner was at Salsa, the ship’s Tex-Mex venue.

E’s done remarkably well and is a huge hit with the staff. That’s no small feat, since this is all new to her and she’s in the midst of teething. But, she seems to be fascinated by this new world.

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