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Cruise Day #3: At Sea Q&A

On past cruises, I’ve done Q&A’s on days at sea. So, post whatever questions you might have on the ship, itinerary, etc… and I’ll reply to them (as best I can) on Day #5 (after the Falklands).

2 Responses to “Cruise Day #3: At Sea Q&A”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Will you actually LAND and set foot on the Antarctic continent, or will this merely be a sail-by?

  2. Paul says:

    This cruise is strictly a sail-by…

    Landings are restricted to groups of 100 or fewer people. That’s not especially practical for a cruise ship with 2000+ passengers. We were a little town about this point. But, utlimately, economics (and no great desire to walk on ice — I have a poor history) won out — this cruise was about 1/2 the cost for the 3 of us of a single fare on an expedition ship. So, if we love it, we can afford to go back later when Emerson’s older.

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