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In what must surely seem like a news update from the Department of Redundancy Department, we again awoke to a cloudless sky and relatively smooth sea. According to the captain, the waves are running between 7-8 feet, which is very tame for this part of the world. As the day has progressed, the sky has grown increasingly cloudy. The temperature continues to decline (high in the low 50s today). And, the sea appears to be picking up action. After we visit Elephant Island tomorrow, we’re expecting to see 15ft seas as we cruise down to the Antarctic Peninsula.

In many other ways, the day has been like those before it (and likely more to come). Breakfast in the buffet. More lectures: geology (glaciers), ecology (climate change), and zoology (penguins). The ongoing care, feeding, and napping of Emerson. Thankfully, last night was a bit better for us. Libby slept for a longer period. And, I was at least able to sleep. Otherwise, Emerson’s condition remains largely unchanged—she’s a bit more fussy and tired than usual, but otherwise she seems fine. And, the regular doses of medications are controlling her fever nicely. We’re going to skip the main dining room tonight… neither of us can deal with that again today. Sixty to ninety minutes of trying to simultaneously eat and feed/amuse a toddler is simply beyond the reach of our patience and good humor today.

I’d intended to talk about the ship (which is lovely), but I don’t feel much like writing today.

So, I won’t. :-)

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