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Another beautiful day spent blissfully in a new port.

We docked around 8am this morning, and we departed the ship a little after 9:30. The Old City (Ciudad Vieja)—the historical city center of Montevideo—is literally at the doorstep of the Puetro de Montevideo, making access an easy stroll away. We spent the morning ambling through the Ciudad Vieja and Centro, along with Montevideo’s mate (a very popular tea drink) sipping residents, visiting the open air market and church in Plaza Constiticion, the sights of Plaza de la Independcia (including the statue/mausoleum of Artigas, the original government house [Palacio Estevez], the modern President’s office building, the 26-story Palacio Salvo [South America’s tallest building when it opened in 1927], remnants of the colonial citadel [which was destroyed in 1833], as well as the Radisson Montevideo [feels like home!] and IBM Uruguay HQ), the Museo Torres Garcia, and Teatro Solis. All in all, the city was very charming and non-touristy with cafes, shops, and art galleries. And while some of the high-rises looked a bit like those found on the outskirts of cities in former Soviet-controlled Eastern Europe, much of the city center was populated with very attractive neoclassical and art deco facades.

We also visited the Mercado del Puerto, home to all kinds of Uruguayan BBQ (photo below), for lunch. I wanted to get a ‘chiropan’ sandwich (a neologism formed from the words chorizo and pan [bread]), but I was unable to find this delight! Fortunately, we came across a purveyor of great empanadas and enjoyed our meal very much!


Overall, we come away from Montevideo with a very favorable impression. Much like our feelings about Argentina, we would not be disappointed to return for another visit.

We returned to the ship in the mid-afternoon and will spend the rest of the day preparing for our onward journey home.

I’m not sure how Internet access will be tomorrow. So, tomorrow’s update on Buenos Aires (where we’ll be spending our day before the red eye flight home) might have to come from Atlanta or Tampa on Monday morning.

Today’s box score: +1 country (Uruguay)

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