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We awoke to blissfully smooth water and found ourselves cruising through the Beagle Channel toward Ushuaia. We docked around 9am. After having our morning coffee and feeding Emerson her breakfast, we departed the ship for a catamaran tour of the Beagle Channel. In all, we spent about two hours on the tour. The highlights included a number of small islands in the channel, one of which was covered in cormorants and another covered in sea lions. Here are a couple of photos:



We enjoyed the splendid weather with mild temperatures (in the 60s) and a bright sunny, nearly cloudless sky. In the distance, we could clearly see the snow covered peaks of the southern reaches of the Andes mountain range in Chile. Argentina and Chile share the lands of Tierra del Fuego with the land border 20-30 miles west of Ushuaia. The land on the opposite side of the Beagle Channel is also part of Chile… so Chile is, needless to say, tantalizing close.

Libby and Emerson took a long nap this afternoon. Tonight, we’re going skip the buffet and return to the Trellis Dining Room for dinner. Wish us luck! :-)

Tomorrow, we’ll explore the town of Ushuaia in more depth.

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