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Back in Tampa…

We departed from New York late (which reminded me of why I dislike returning through NY airports) due to ground-based airplane traffic gridlock at JFK, a slow boarding process, and a reconfiguration of runways (just as we were #1 for takeoff). All told, we landed in Tampa around 12:30am, reaching our home at approximately 1:40am. Both Libby and Emerson slept for the entire flight home… I napped for maybe an hour.

All things considered, it was a successful travel day, filled with both highs (e.g., the London cab driver, Emerson for the vast majority of the flight time) and lows (e.g., the usual JFK-related problems, including a deficient airport facility and larger than average percentage of rude/obnoxious/impatient fellow passengers—who were a special test of my patience on this day). Indeed, this was far from our worst experience in domestic or international travel, as we’d feared it might be.

Encouragement – for next summer’s overseas adventure with Emerson!

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  1. Erin says:

    It took us half as long to get from New York to DC as it did for us to get from Oslo to New York …. so, yeah, I hear you about the NY airport problems.

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