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Cruise Day #3 — At Sea

Note: this post was delayed due to Internet connectivity problems yesterday.

Having set our clocks ahead last night, Emerson and Libby awoke a little later this morning. Fortunately, we avoided the main breakfast rush in the Windjammer Cafe. Following breakfast, we went to see the future cruise consultant to book our Dubai (03/12) and Western Med (06/12) sailings. Assuming we keep with these itineraries, this will make for four Royal Caribbean cruises in a row! That wasn’t really intentional, as we’re not especially loyal to any particular line, but the itineraries just worked out well with our needs/schedule.

After sorting out our future travel plans, we played with Emerson and then put her down for a nap. Around 1pm, we had lunch in the very crowded Windjammer (this ship has the same problem as Brilliance — when al fresco dining is less appealing due to suboptimal weather, there’s not sufficient room in the Windjammer to seat everyone at peak times).

After lunch, Libby and Emerson went to the well-supplied Fisher-Price Royal Babies / Tots room to play. Being my anti-social self, I opted to avoid having to interact with other parents, who’s children I’m not interested in (come to think of it, I’m not especially interested in the parents either). Indeed, that’s probably the single biggest “problem” with traveling with kids — it’s like going about with a “talk to me” sign on. The once acceptable interference is from crew members, who often don’t get to see their families for months on end. Their enthusiasm for Emerson is as heartwarming as their obvious longing is heartrending.

While the girls were off playing, I donated $10 to the casino and retired to the cabin to read.

Libby returned and deposited Emerson with me before heading off to the gym. We played together and read books before Emerson took a second nap for the day. She seems to have fully embraced the “relaxing day at sea” theme. :-)

This evening, we returned to the main dining room. Once again, dinner was a success. Service was a bit slow from the wait staff, but the header waiter was extremely helpful. Most importantly, Emerson was again angelic during the meal, happily munching on guacamole and her entree while using plates and utensils in a proper, if somewhat uncoordinated, manner. Our meal (crab cakes, shrimp dumplings with ponzu, and a lemon tart / “berrymiso”) was excellent by cruise ship main dining room standards.

After dinner, we strolled around the decks and listened to musicians in the various venues until we returned to the cabin for Emerson’s bed time. I thought about attending the headliner performance–some dude singing–but I stopped in briefly and opted to save my ears from bleeding. 😉

Tomorrow’s port of call: Riga, Latvia.

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  1. Dick says:

    Keep the posts coming. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on Riga.

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