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Cruise Day #5 — At Sea

Last night we set our clocks ahead another hour. As a result, we got a later start than usual on the day, but that’s fine because today’s just a day at sea anyway. We had breakfast in an uncrowded Windjammer this morning, as well as mochas from the onboard Seattle’s Best Coffee shop.

We didn’t do much in the morning… just relaxed and played with Emerson At 1pm, I attended the “Captain’s Corner” — a Q&A session with the ship’s senior officers. I learned a few new bits of information, such as the fact that local pilots are usually compulsory at ports around the world but are also largely unneeded by the crew. While I was at the event, Libby and Emerson played in the toddler room.

Afterwards, we had lunch. I then put Emerson down for her nap and read in the cabin while Libby went to the gym. When Libby returned, I went to another ship-related presentation about the crew’s life aboard the ship.

This evening was the second and final formal night. So, we skipped the MDR and ate in the Windjammer. Vision’s Windjammer seems to have fewer selection options (and less serving area room) than on RCI’s newer ships. But, the quality of what’s on offer is generally high and the options still compare favorably with our recent experience on Princess and Celebrity.

Overall, it was another relaxing day at sea. But, we’re looking forward to more ports, including Russia tomorrow (which is enormously exciting for us, having grown up at the end of the Cold War — when the idea of visiting the then Soviet Union was almost unimaginable by most Americans).

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  1. Dick says:

    Have I mentioned that we don’t like you any more. OK, we like all three of you, I think it is a case of jealousy. I wish I was there with you!

  2. Mom and Dad says:

    Greetings from the Algarve! We are so happy that you continue to enjoy your travels! Of course, we love your marvelous pictures. From the expressions on Libby’s and Emerson’s faces, it’s clear that this summer’s trip is a big success! This is our second night in the Algarve resort area, and today we drove to the southern-most point in continental Europe. Tomorrow we begin our travel north to Lisbon. Much love from Mom and Dad

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