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London — Day 5

We awoke to a rainy morning in London.

Given the weather and our early flight to Oslo tomorrow, we didn’t do too much today away from the Allen House. We spent the morning playing and packing. This was followed by Emerson’s nap and then lunch.

Good Times @ Allen House

Good Times @ Allen House

Libby went out to the bookstore for a bit in the early afternoon. The weather having improved, we then all went out for a visit to the Early Childhood Learning store (great educational toys for little ones), a romp in Holland Park, and a stroll in the surrounding neighborhood.

Homes near Holland Park in Kensington

Homes near Holland Park in Kensington

After this, I deposited Libby and Emerson back at the Allen House and then headed to Whole Foods to procure dinner. I have to say, I love the Whole Foods on High St. Kensington. Like all Whole Foods, it’s insanely expensive compared to normal grocery stores… this is made worse by the exchange rate between dollars and pounds. Nonetheless, it really is a foodie’s paradise. Thirty-five dollars later, dinner was en route home. Yum! :-)

All in all, this has been an unusual trip to London for us. Travel arrangements (late in; early out), the weather, and having a toddler-in-tow (Emerson at 17 months) conspired to radically alter our normal pattern activities. We’ve either skipped or greatly curtailed: dining out, theatre performances, visits to museums, shopping (window or otherwise), day trips outside of London, and organized walking tours. Instead, we spent more time in parks and remaining closer to home.

Were this not our [insert number that’s too high to bother counting] trip to London, it might have been a let down. Indeed, I’m sure some of my faithful readers (assuming I have faithful readers) might think our time in London oddly spent… even wasted. Why not do more? I maybe even had the same thoughts at the start of this week. But, honestly, it’s nice just to be back. Likewise, it was comforting to know that we’d have a low-stress means of getting Emerson adjusted to the time change (which was actually much easier than we’d anticipated). And, really, London’s more like home than a tourist destination for us. Indeed, this trip—perhaps more than any other—underscores that point for me.

I’ll finish packing tonight. Then it’s off to the airport by 4:30am. (Ouch).

3 Responses to “London — Day 5”

  1. Dick says:

    As one of your faithful readers, I understand how you feel about your time in London. I love it when you are traveling and don’t feel the need to see all the sights; but to just enjoy the city and the people. I too am at stage in my traveling.

    Nice photo of Emerson and Libby. Enjoy Oslo and the cruise. I am anxious to follow your travels and see the photographs.

    Keep on traveling, my friends!

  2. Feik says:

    I think it sounds like a great trip, our kind of trip. It is about the adventure not just the destinations. Have a great cruise.


  3. John D says:

    Sounds like an awesome way to spend time in London! Pictures are great!

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