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Cruise Day #2 — At Sea

We started our day at 6:30am by heading down to Cafe Promenade for coffee (for us) and milk (for Emerson). Not surprisingly, we ran into Mom and Pop already there. We spent some time chatting before everyone headed upstairs to breakfast in the Windjammer.

Following breakfast, we walked around the upper decks watching Emerson frolic aboard the ship. We then headed to the kids club to pick up a bag of loaner toys (a fairly paltry selection compared to what was on offer on Celebrity Infinity). Libby and Emerson then went to the open play time with Mimi. And, I did pretty much nothing.

After playtime, we had a light lunch and then I returned to the cabin with Emerson for her daily nap. I read and finished watching a movie on the iPad while she slept for nearly two hours. Nap time over, Libby returned and took Emerson off to a Crayola Beginnings class, which was followed by open playtime. Meanwhile, I went off in search of a wheat beer (found a Leffe at the Two Poets Pub) and a quite spot to read (finding none, I opted for our cabin’s balcony).

Emerson and Libby returned to the cabin around 4pm — the former covered in marker stains; the latter blissfully unaware/unconcerned. We spent the next hour or so out on the balcony of either our cabin or with Mom and Pop next door.

Tonight was formal night in the main dining room, and we managed to get all dolled up (cruises out of Florida are generally my one exception to the ‘no formal night’ rule). Once again, dinner was very good. Emerson are two bowls of guacamole and also had half of my escargot (to the amusement of her grandparents and great-grandfather)! She continued to be very well behaved… lasting the full 2 hours with minimal fuss. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals too — uniformly good to very good.

Following dinner, we briefly strolled through the Captain’s Gala party (in search of nighttime milk for Emerson). She enjoyed the music, lights, and disco ball effects on the Royal Promenade. After we returned to our cabin, I went back to the party to nab a glass of free champagne (ok, technically cheap sparkling wine–but free alcohol of any kind is a rare treat aboard a ship). Unfortunately, my consumption of it was promptly foiled upon returning to the cabin as Libby managed to hit me with the bathroom door, thereby sending the contents of the champagne flute down my dress shirt and trousers. And so ended our ‘relaxing’ day at sea. :-)

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  1. Dick says:

    Finally, an update or two. Enjoyed them as always. Emerson is becoming an experience cruiser. Enjoy the journey,

  2. Paul says:

    Yeah, I’ve been a bit slow due to limited/no WiFi in port and poor connectivity at sea. But, I’ve got the entire week posted now (having just arrived in Ft. Lauderdale).

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