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This morning we awoke early, got ready, checked out of the hotel, and preceded to Delta’s terminal at Heathrow. SkyTeam has a really nice setup there… it makes travel a breeze (especially for those with status and/or lounge access). We went to the dedicated check-in area (no queues), buzzed through security, picked up some supplies for the flight, and then had breakfast in the SkyClub. We then headed down to our gate (a bit of a hike—as is the custom at Heathrow) and boarded the plane almost immediately upon arrival.

As usual, the Economy Comfort seats were pleasant… with Libby and Mom sitting in front of Emerson and me. Delta’s ‘kid’s meal’ was !$#&@% crazy: why even offer it if you’re going to give the kid an omelet that tastes like !$#&@% and is covered in !$#&@% mushrooms? But, I digress. Emerson was a good little travel partner (again), watching videos and taking a nap. We’re debating going to Asia and/or Australia next year with her. I’m still not sure of those ultra-long haul flights for her, but it’s clear that Europe isn’t a problem.

We arrived in Detroit, went through customs, grabbed a bite to eat, boarded our onward flight, and arrived in Tampa 20 minutes early.

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