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Day #3: At Sea

Today was a “sea day” en route to St. Maarten. I think some people really love their relaxing days at sea, but they’re not my favorite part of a cruise. Indeed, I think the last sea days I really relished were aboard Jade in 2008 (our first major cruise), which came after already spending a week in London and benefited from the novelty of it all.

Now they’re old hat: wake up, have breakfast, waste some time, have lunch, waste some more time, have dinner, waste yet more time… go to bed. Cruise ship activities don’t hold much allure anymore (to the degree they ever did), especially when there are no compelling port lectures. It all makes we wonder how much I’d really like to do a transoceanic passage? Or, sail around the world on one? Certainly not with a toddler. What would we do for days on end with one who’s too young to participate in the ship’s formal kids program?

No, for us, sea days are just a means to an ends.

Tomorrow will be far more interesting. We’re going to make a run for Anguilla and bring Emerson along with us. I figure that we’ll need to take her on ferries next summer in less hospitable places. So, we might as well give it a go here in the Caribbean.

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