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Day #7: At Sea

If there’s an ideal day at sea for me, one at the end of a cruise is it. Why do I say this? I like having the opportunity to leisurely pack and get sorted our for the journey home. Also, sea days seem to last longer… it’s a nice bookend before transitioning back into the ‘real world.’

So far on this trip I’ve read a book about a middle aged couple who journeyed (over 40k miles) around the USA with an Airstream trailer, a younger couple who sailed around the world over the course of four years, and now I’m now on to a nearly retired couple who became a team of long-haul truckers.

For many reasons, we’re not able or willing to entertain our wanderlust on a more permanent basis, but I have a lot of respect for those who do so (even if their choices are different than what our path would be). It also makes me wonder about our next project(s) after completing the 157×50 goal. I know there are places we’d like to visit again, as well as a desire to keep experiencing the ‘new’… beyond that? Only time will tell.

I sometimes end with a sunset picture, but I’ll share a sunrise today. That seems more suited to my forward looking contemplations today…


2 Responses to “Day #7: At Sea”

  1. Dick says:

    You can send a lobster my way please.

  2. Paul says:

    I packed one in the suitcase for you. Claim him any time. :-)

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