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Today, we flew Jetstar Asia from Phuket to Singapore. We departed our hotel around 7:30. Check-in and clearing outbound immigration was relatively painless. Jetstar is a budget airline (a la Southwest and JetBlue) that’s a subsidiary of Qantas (like the old Delta “Song” and United “Ted” concepts). There was nothing remarkable about it other than seemingly excessive signage about not allowing durian fruit on board (to which we thought “why the f*** can’t you bring a fruit on a plane?”). In any case, Jetstar seemed a decent second-rate airline.

We arrived in Singapore (where “cleanliness is next to godliness”) a little late, just after 1pm. It was nearing 3 o’clock by the time we’d cleared immigration, grabbed our bags, passed through customs, found a taxi, and drove to the hotel. We’re staying at the Marriott Singapore on Orchard Rd. It’s a nice hotel with impeccable service in a great location.

After our arrival, we explored the Orchard Road area (a lot of high end hotels and retail) and had Chinese dim sum for dinner (which was very good but the dishes we selected didn’t wow us like those in Macau). Well, correction, Libby and I had Chinese. Emerson thought it was a good idea, but she found it too authentic for her… so, she ended up eating a favorite of American kids traveling abroad: McDonalds.

Actually, the visit to the Mickey D’s had a silver lining to it. As it happens, they offer a “Durian McFlurry.” That’s right. Ronald and his boys cooked up an ice cream dish made from a fruit that airlines ban. This could elicit only one three-word response: Must. Try. Now. The verdict? It smelled and tasted (at least in McFlurry form) rather a bit like the amoxicillin from our childhood (you know: the sort of faux-bubblegum, slightly bitter, chalky one).

We retired early tonight (aside from me, your intrepid travel writer). As an update from yesterday: Libby’s basically back to normal. Aside from a bit of a runny nose, Emerson is her usual self too. And, thus far, I’ve managed to ward off the cold.

Tomorrow—I think—we’re going to try taking ferry to Batam in Indonesia. Why? Because it counts as a separate country (per TCC rules) from other parts of Indonesia and it’s only 45 minutes away by boat.

Today’s box score: +1 country (Singapore)

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  1. Granddaddy says:

    Dear Emerson,

    When I saw you on the elephant, I thought you might think you were as high up as riding on a dinosaur! Elephants are as tall as some of the dinosaurs. Have fun! Miss you and love you.



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