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Cruise Day #7: At Sea

Not a lot to say about today…

It was our only full “day at sea” punctuated with the usual activities that we’ve either done before numerous times or never cared to do in the first place. Upon reflection, I clearly like traveling via cruise ship and the “travel tapas” aspect of cruising. For certain destinations, it’s very efficient to have a moving, floating hotel. However, I don’t like the cruise ship experience–in and of itself–nearly as much, which is why we prefer port intensive itineraries (preferably to new places).

Speaking of which, I was strolling past the Centrum during the Q&A session with the ship’s senior officers. I was shocked by the number of guests who complained about Martinique. To quote one of my “enlightened” fellow passengers, “why visit a French speaking island when most of your passengers speak English and Spanish?” Even more shocking was that most of the guests in attendance applauded this point (and some offered additional, helpful “insights”).

Seriously? Why the hell do these people even travel? Martinique was a major reason we picked this itinerary, and it was by far one of the more interesting Caribbean ports that we’ve been to on a cruise.

My advice to would be “travelers”: if you think wherever you go should be like where you live, do yourself and everyone else a favor — stay home!

But, I digress…

We spent most of the day playing with Emerson, either on our balcony or somewhere about the ship. I finished packing for our journey home tomorrow, and we attended the ship’s farewell show.

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