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Monthly Archive for March, 2014

Day #17: Rome & Home…

Our flight out of Rome was uneventful. This was our first time on Alitalia. Our coach seats were kind of cramped for space and the food was sub-par… you’d think an Italian airline could produce a credible pasta dish in coach (Delta does!). But, I digress. We arrived in Miami around 5pm, and I drove […]

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Day #16, Rome & Fiumicino, Italy

Had the rental car worked out, we’d planned to stay return to Rome this evening, return the car, and stay at a (pre-paid) Courtyard by the airport. Clearly, this move wasn’t needed any longer; indeed, it presented an unneeded logistical challenge. But, not changing hotels wasn’t an option, even if it wasted some of our […]

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Day #15: Rome, Italy

Whereas the past 24 hours seemed to be us narrowly escaping disaster at very turn, today was one of those perfect days. Such are the ups and downs of travel… and life. Fortunately, Emerson woke up feeling fine and without an further symptoms. We grabbed a quick breakfast of Scottish food (pancakes at McDonalds) for […]

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Day #14: Civitavecchia & Rome?!?, Italy

Without a doubt, today was one of the biggest travel debacles that we’ve ever faced. The plan on disembarking from Jade was to go pick up a rental car and drive north to see some hill towns, amongst them a small principality called San Marino. However, if it always rains on us in Palermo, the […]

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Day #13: Naples, Italy

We docked in Naples and headed off to catch a taxi for the train station in order to visit Pompeii. I’d debated the merits of the taxi/train pairing vs. just taking a taxi, but I didn’t like the first two taxi drivers we’d met (as they had little interest in our modest custom for a […]

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