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Day #15: Rome, Italy

Whereas the past 24 hours seemed to be us narrowly escaping disaster at very turn, today was one of those perfect days. Such are the ups and downs of travel… and life.

Fortunately, Emerson woke up feeling fine and without an further symptoms. We grabbed a quick breakfast of Scottish food (pancakes at McDonalds) for Emerson and espressos for us. We then set about walking across Rome for our planned visit to the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Vatican Museum clearly houses one of the world’s greatest collections of art. It’s not exactly my cup of tea (too religious; though I love seeing Raphael’s School of Athens)… and it’s usually horribly crowded (as it was today). But, Libby loves it, and I think Mom and Emerson had a good time on their first visit. Honestly, it’s amazing how accommodating Emerson is when it comes to museum visits. We easily spent a few hours looking at art, and she remained cheerful throughout.


Before leaving the museum, we had lunch in the Pope’s cafeteria. We then headed over to St. Peter’s, which really is unbelievably massive (a thought I’ve been struck with every time I’ve visited it). The crowds were light this afternoon (no waiting), and we had a pleasant visit . Since the weather was nice, we walked back across Rome to our hotel.


We ate dinner just down the street from our hotel at a wood-fired pizza and pasta place. The food was very good, as food in Rome nearly always is. Mom and I also enjoyed some Sicilian wine.

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