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Day #12: Palermo, Sicily

There are a few places that we always seem to face bad weather in. Bavarian castles come to mind. And, alas, so does Palermo, Sicily. It actually looked to be a fine day when we were sailing into port, but by the time we’d left the ship dark storm clouds were gathering.

Within a few minutes of walking in to the city, it started raining. Then it started raining harder. And, then it started to hail. Thankfully, it stopped within a few minutes. But, we spent most of the morning walking in and/or trying to avoid the rain.



While this made our day slower going, we did manage to allow Mom to get a sense of Palermo. We visited a few churches along the way too. Most importantly, I managed to get us some cannoli (freshly made just for me) from a little pastry shop. We thoroughly enjoyed them back aboard the ship. Indeed, Libby thought it was probably worth braving the weather just for the cannoli.

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  1. Mom and Dad Archer says:

    Hi, there! We arrived home yesterday evening after two smooth and glitch-free flights from Rome. Such a wonderful vacation with our Tuten family! Dad and I wish you safe travels tomorrow and look forward to your homecoming. Much love to you and a big hug for Emerson from Mimi and Granddaddy!

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