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Day #15: Dublin, Ireland

Ok, I’m actually writing this on New Year’s Eve in Memphis, TN. I’m horribly behind on blog posts… for some reason, I haven’t been feeling the travel blogging the past few trips, but I’m going to catch-up starting now.

After a late arrival into Dublin, we got started a little later than usual and then spent the day checking out the city. We followed Rick Steves’ walking tour of the city, which took us to most of the major sights in central Dublin.

The weather was a bit less than ideal for exploring in foot, as it was cool (fine) with intermittent showers (drag). Two things stood out as highlights.

The Garden of Remembrance:

The Dublin City Gallery:

For dinner, we had truly exceptional burritos from Pablo Picante, which is always a bit surprising in Europe where anything Mexican or Tex-Mex seems to stray into odd twists on the usual flavor profile. What can I say? Mexican is always a fan favorite in our family.

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