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Day #4: Istanbul

Today we board the Rhapsody of the Seas for our cruise. Here’s a photo of it from yesterday at Topkapi Palace:


Travel-wise, today was kind of a waste as we didn’t really have time this morning to do too much before heading to the ship. 

I tried–again unsuccessfully–to replace my Cannon S100 that developed some sort of artifact inside the lens or on its sensor while en route to Turkey. It’s alright wide open at 24mm, but a noticeable spot appears once I start to zoom. Thankfully, Mom has her S90… thus it’s only midly annoying vs. a more significant problem (in which case I would have just replaced it with whatever overpriced piece of crap that I could find). 

Libby once again struggled in the night with the sore throat. Thankfully, a pharmacy across the street was open today and provided us with some “soothing throat spray” and antibiotics (despite our lack of a Rx, which they said was generally required but they wanted to help us out as visiting Americans). She feels fine otherwise, but we’ll have her checked out by the ship’s doctor if it doesn’t improve.

Rhapsody seems like a decent enough ship. She’s older–built in the late 1990s. But, she looks to be in good shape having been refurbished fairly recently by RCI. 

As usual, we sorted out our dining reservations, booked a couple of excursions, and got Emerson registered for the kid’s club. 

Tomorrow is a day at sea (don’t expect a blog post until Wednesday); it’ll be a chance to relax before we hit seven ports of call in a row.

2 Responses to “Day #4: Istanbul”

  1. Denise Dickerhoof says:

    Paul – we met at Dick Simpson’s birthday/retirement party a few years ago. I share your love of travel. I’ve missed your posts this past year – so glad you are back to blogging again!

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Denise — yes, we remember you well from our dear friend’s party. I’m glad to be back blogging… the software on my site was a little long in tooth and had stopped working with mobile apps. I finally updated it. So, I’m now back in business. :-)

    I’ll drop you a proper note when we’re back home.

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