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Day #8: Rhodes, Greece

It’s good to be back in Rhodes!

Libby and I last visited this city in March, 2009. From what I recall, the old town within the city walls remains largely unchanged. Being summer, the flowers are now in bloom. The weather is a bit warmer and pleasantly windier. Otherwise, it’s much the same charming and enjoyable city.

We revisited the Grand Master’s Palace, a 20th century Italian reconstructed and fanciful version of the original headquarters of the Knights of St John. The highlights here are clearly the transplanted mosaics from the island of Kos. From the palace, we wandered down the Street of the Knights (Ippoton) to the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, which is housed in the Hospital of The Knights. The museum itself had some modestly interesting artifacts, but I found the structures and gardens to be morg interesting.

We spent the remainder of our time in Rhodes winding our way through evocative side streets. Although some of the old town feels a bit touristy, I found it difficult to not be charmed by the tavernas with their tables tucked into shady courtyards or under arbors of blooming flowers. Emerson and I took it all in while eating a delightful lemon sorbet, which tasted great in the heat of the early afternoon. 

To me, Rhodes makes an ideal Mediterranean port of call: neither too much nor too little to do, the best of which is a short stroll from the pier. 

Tomorrow we’ll visit Santorini, Greece. 

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