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Our departure from the Kensington Marriott was uneventful and despite the Gatwick Express running a little less than express-like, we arrived at Gatwick with plenty of time to check-in, get Emerson “brunch” (since she’s skeptical of the airline food), and pick up some additional snacks for the transatlantic journey. 

I’m writing this once again on Virgin Atlantic waiting for takeoff. I’ve come to really not like VA and/or this route. Too damn many British holiday-makers making the pilgrimage to the holy land of corporate entertainment: Walt Disney World. The kids across the aisle from us are already screeching like howler monkeys. So, wish us luck for the next 8 hours and 37 minutes.

Will update more later…

It’s now (much) later (finally updated in September with the “rest of the story”)…

The kids across the aisle remained annoying (so much so that Emerson–a 5 year old–asked me to make them stop). Not entirely sure I’d do the Orlando — London route again. Virgin is no longer a prize, especially as this route is like a flying circus.

In any case, we rented a car in Orlando to drive home (no car keys, remember) that I returned the next day and picked up the GL. Lots of time, fuel, and money wasted. But, not a crisis. 

In other news, the universe confirmed my faith in it: my backpack was found and all of the valuable items were returned to me.  The process–especially dealing with US customs–was a bit tedious, but the lost luggage service at London Victoria was brilliant. Had we been in London, I could have just picked it up on Monday (note to self: a further argument for even longer vacations).

I’m also heartbroken by news of increasing violence in Turkey, the worsening Syrian refugee crisis (having been to Bodrum and the nearby Greek island of Kos), and the associated cruise cancellations. Having been there now, I can empathize more — Turkey is no longer “just some other, distant place.” 

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