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Day #18: Heading home…

I’m writing this at 31,000 feet en route to Tampa. Our travels from Denver have been uneventful since leaving the hotel at 5am. Indeed, I’d call the flights “pleasant” overall — both to and from Colorado. 

Although I think of this as a “two week vacation,” we’ve actually been traveling for 18 days. It feels like it. We’ve covered a lot of ground in those days: 3,978 miles, 11 states, and 7 national parks (but who’s counting?). 

We also completed our 157×50 project. 

Now what? I’m not entirely sure. I think we’re going to make a point of visiting every national park in the lower 48 (plus a few others). We’re probably also going to continue “collecting countries” as there are certainly places we’ve not yet gone that we’d like to go (and probably some places that we don’t want to go but will find ourselves in and enjoy even more). We’ll certainly return to some favorites… though that’s not exactly a small list for us to define. Maybe we’ll buy an RV and/or a boat and/or a vacation home (we’ve talked about all three but have never managed to pull the trigger yet on any of them). 

In any case, while this trip is ending and we’ve reached a milestone, the journey continues onward for as long, far, wide, and deep as we’re able to go.

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