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Day #10: Stockholm

Today, we docked in Nynäshamn — a port about an hour (driving) south of Stockholm, which was an annoying change announced by NCL a little more than a month ago. In any case, we departed the ship (two mornings early) around 9am after the majority of passengers had left for the day. To get to Stockholm via taxi is a bit pricey (about $150-200 USD one way). It’s much cheaper (about $20 for the four of us one way) but more time consuming and a bit of a hassle via train. 

We opted to take the train, which was a mild misadventure thanks to credit cards not working at the mini mart that doubles as a ticket office and it being about a mile walk from the port (in our case walking with luggage in tow). After getting us sorted out, I spent time helping fellow cruise passengers figure out how to navigate into central Stockholm. Unfortunately, they’ll only have a few useable hours before they have to return to this ship. 

Us? We’ve got a day and a half! 

After our hour long train journey, we checked into our centrally and strategically located hotel near the train station. From there, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed out into Stockholm on a glorious day:

First, we visited the impressive Vasa Museum to view the well-preserved 1600s ship, which was found and raised over 300 years later:

The woodwork was spectacular (although they probably should have focused as much on seaworthiness since it sank 40 minutes into its maiden voyage): 

The museum was also very evocative and informative thanks to its displays, recreations, and the underlying scholarship that supports its work. 

Recreated great cabin (quarters for ship’s senior officers):

Examples of pigments used in paint of the time:

Next, we returned to Skansen, the world’s first (and one of its best) open air museums. You can read more about it from our prior visit. Also, on that page, you’ll note a photo of Emerson at 17 months:

That I’ve recreated here at 7 years:

I simply love that. 

Here are a few more views of Skansen, which is glorious in summer on a fine day:

They house Scandinavian animals too in naturalistic settings. Here’s a brown bear at close range:

For dinner, we had burritos at a local place called Zocala. It’s kind of like a like a fast causal Mexican (think Chipotle) with a slightly more “unusual” menu / combination of flavors. Still, it was decent and not wildly expensive for eating out in Scandinavia (about $50 for the four of us). 

3 Responses to “Day #10: Stockholm”

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    We have so enjoyed your daily pictures and narrative about this year’s adventure. Today’s entry is particularly great when you included the two charming pictures of Emerson so many years apart. We took one look and simultaneously emitted delighted “Ah’s”. So sweet and a clever addition! As Rick says, “Keep travelin’,” and we are certainly following along right with you.

  2. John says:

    $50 for the FOUR of you?

  3. Paul says:

    Ahh, yes, my mother is along with us on this trip too.

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