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Day #10: Kauai & To Home

Since this was our last day, we changed our routine a bit to allow time for packing and a last trip to the hotel’s beach (as Emerson wanted to build a sand castle). This made for a fairly relaxed morning and we weren’t especially in a rush knowing our flight wasn’t departing until a little […]

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Day #9: Kauai (North)

Today, we made the drive to northern shore of Kauai to the Princeville, Hanalei Bay, and Haena State Park area. At a few points, we experienced a little drizzle but otherwise had good weather. The surf was really up on Kauai’s north shore, making for some impressive vistas:   Unfortunately, pictures don’t really do it […]

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Day #8: Kauai (South)

Today, we headed for the southern side of the island. We started out by picking up some coffee and malasadas (a Portuguese hole-less, yeast donut that has been embraced as part of the cultural stew that comprises Hawaii after successive waves on immigration). The donuts were pretty good: very reminiscent of my family’s German fasnacht […]

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Day #7: To Kauai 

The morning started with breakfast, a bit of packing / repacking, dropping of the rental car, and checking in for our slightly longer flight to Lihue, Kauai. Although the distances aren’t great between the islands, you lose approximately 1/2 a day unless you fly out really early in the morning or really late at night […]

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Day #6: Maui R2H & Beyond

This morning we woke up early to drive  the Road to Hana (R2H), which is a narrow, curving, single-lane bridge festooned roadway to (unsurprisingly) the town of Hana on the lush, windward side of the island. I sort of vaguely remembered it from childhood (having not paid especially close attention to driving conditions as a […]

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