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Day #5: London, England

Today’s plan: visit the ZLS London Zoo. Unlike the prior evening, we awoke well rested and ready to start the day. We departed the Allen House around 9am and made it to the zoo a little after opening at 10am. The zoo is always a fan favorite with Emerson (and Libby). It makes for a […]

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Day #4: London, England

Last night, I didn’t manage to fall asleep until quite late — err jet lag. We also sort of lacked a plan for the day; so, we ended up not doing much at all. This was actually fine (or better) with me given the craziness of the few weeks and immediate days leading up to […]

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Day #3: London, England

After a good night’s rest, we awoke this morning ready to start our first full day in London. We headed to the High Street Kensington tube station to buy our weeklong travel cards, which may or may not be a great deal for us given how we like to walk the city. We then took […]

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Day #2: London, England

We arrived at Heathrow about an hour later than scheduled due to a takeoff delay in NY-JFK. The line for customs was also a little lengthy, though we were fortunately invited to skip to the ‘special assistance’ queue thanks to Emerson still having a stroller. Our driver from Hyde Park Cars awaited us and drove […]

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Libby and I have been to London together a number of times. I’ve lost the exact count, but I think it’s around 13 trips. As a result, there aren’t too many museums in central London that we’ve not visited at least once. However, we’d never made it to the Science Museum (and frankly had little […]

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