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Europe By Sea (2008)

Photos from Europe By Sea, 2008

These are the photos from our 14 day cruise aboard the NCL Jade roundtrip from London to the Western Mediterranean.

KPICASA_GALLERY(NorwegianJade, LondonPreCruise, Malaga, Barcelona, VillefrancheSurMer, LivornoPisa, Rome, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Vigo, LondonPostCruise)

2 Responses to “Europe By Sea (2008)”

  1. Emma says:

    Hi Guys, just a quick thanks for these photos, we are staying in the same aft room on our cruise next weekend out of Venice to Croatia and Greece, can’t wait! Great to see what our room will be like. I have to ask, how did you smuggle your wine on board? i do like a bottle of vino for an evening on the balcony, would be rude not to!


    Emma (UK)

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Emma,

    I’d like to say I used some special trick, but I usually just walk aboard with it in a backpack or whatever. In my experience, it’s easiest to do this in ports that use the port’s security gear vs. what’s on the ship. They never pay as close of attention to such bottles… I’ve seen this in Southampton, Rome, and Barcelona. I don’t recall re: Venice (we were on HAL, and I don’t think they care). In theory, NCL lets you bring wine aboard and charges a corkage fee for consumption. In practice with wine, I just walk aboard and never hear another word. I’m actually not that much of a drinker, but I like the fun of sneaking the booze aboard — just to see what I can get away with. Here’s another trick (used for tequila in Mexico): bring bottles in two bags. Then, if you’re sent to the table by security to hand over your liquor, just happily give them the stash in one of the bags. Nobody is watching that closely, and they’ll never bother to ask if I have any others. Why would they when you’re following the program? :-)

    You’ll love Jade! We’ve been on her twice. Great ship! Awesome cabin too…

    Have fun,

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