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I’m writing this brief post on a Delta 757 at cruising altitude somewhere over southern Georgia. I’m using the GoGo Wireless Inflight Internet service on this “butt shaker” of a flight (due to “convective activity”—fancy pilot speak for “thunderstorms”—along the flight path).

I got a free 30+ day pass from Delta as a Platinum Medallion member of SkyMiles. So, I thought I’d check it out. The access is actually pretty good… fine for checking e-mail and browsing regular web sites. Indeed, it’s much better than the Internet access I’ve “enjoyed” (cough) on cruise ships. And, at $9.95, it’s not even a bad deal for a long flight.

GoGo Inflight: two thumbs up.

Now, if we could only find some smooth air…

Oh well, this is my last leg of business travel before our vacation starts on Friday!

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