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To the airport…

After a rather lengthy night of packing and final preparations, we’re ready to head off to the airport. Given the iPhone and (potentially) wireless Internet access on the plane, I’d expect an update or two from me throughout the day. We’ve managed to pack very light for this trip: a single (modest-sized) suitcase, plus a small roll-aboard and two backpacks (one for electronics, another for books).

We’re leaving the formal attire at home. We can’t really deal with packing the extra stuff for a couple of “fancy” nights. We’ll just eat in the buffet or order room service (and enjoy it on the balcony). :-)

2 Responses to “To the airport…”

  1. Dick says:

    Paul and Libby, What fun, a new blog, and another trip. The blog looks good, nice format, easy to read, and all the good stuff like photographs. Better than blogspot.

    Have a great trip.


  2. Rhod says:

    Can I go on the next trip?

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