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In Anchorage

We arrived on time last evening after an uneventful and pleasant flight. From the Anchorage airport’s modest northern terminal, we drove a short distance via taxi to downtown Anchorage (the fare was about $20). We checked into the Marriott and ordered a bite to eat. By 9:30 (1:30 at home), we were ready for bed.

I awoke this morning at 2am! This is one of the downsides of the minus four hour time difference for a person who 1) doesn’t sleep that many hours in the night anyway, and 2) usually is a pretty early riser in the mornings. Fortunately, Libby suffers from neither problem. She’s still peacefully asleep while I’m wide awake and blogging.

Here are some photos of the spectacular scenery (of the Chugach Mountains) from the plane flight yesterday. We also saw Denali (Mt. McKinley) above the clouds on approach to Anchorage, but I’d already put away the camera for landing.

Hopefully, these are a taste of what’s to come:

Alaska from the air

Alaska from the air

Alaska from the air

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