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ms Veendam, Cabin 230

Here’s Libby getting ready to board the ship in Seward:

Libby & ms Veendam

Here are a few pictures of our aft, balcony cabin. It’s brand new (having been recently installed following the Veendam’s dry dock in the Spring) and very nice. We love an aft balcony. Indeed, I’m writing this blog post from it right now.

I’ll post more on the cabin, the ship and our dining experiences later. For now, I’ll leave you with these photos.

Cabin 230

Cabin 230, Balcony

2 Responses to “ms Veendam, Cabin 230”

  1. Eileen Vernon says:

    Is the Veendam goint to antarctica? Is there a piano bar on the Veendam?

  2. Paul says:

    Hi. Yes, the Veendam is headed to Antarctica this year (cruise only; no landings). And, the ship does have a piano bar.

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