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Today is a day at sea following our early morning visit to College Fjord. Given that, I’ll take the time to respond to any and all reader questions. I’ve done this to good effect when blogging from other cruises. So, go ahead and make my day: ask me questions.

Note: Internet access has been a bit of a nose bleed aboard this ship. I struggled to get connected (funny story) and then it’s been running slower than the pace of the glaciers outside (much to Al Gore’s chagrin on both account of globe warming and as “Father of the Internet”).

4 Responses to “Sea Day #1 Q&A: Submit Questions Now”

  1. E.A. says:

    Greetings, Intrepid Travelers! We really enjoy your spectacular picture “essay.” On Monday I know you ate lunch at the Lido buffet. Are you reasonably pleased with the dining room fare, and are you having breakfast on the balcony as you’ve done in the past? Enjoy! Enjoy!

  2. Feik says:

    You need to update your stats. It is now 18.

  3. Mary Feikema says:

    Paul and Libby,
    John told me about your blog. Even though we have not yet met (note I say yet…) I feel as if I am getting to know you through your travel blog. What a fantastic idea. You have inspired John enough so that he wants to blog during our upcoming trip to Italy. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will finally meet when you bring Libby to MSP — soon! Okay? Oh, and congrats on the upcoming blessed event. And, in the spirit of making your day – here’s my question: John and I have an Alaskan cruise on our “bucket list.” Do you recommend the Holland America Line or should we look elsewhere? (I know it’s still early in the cruise and you may not be ready to give a definitive answer.) I have heard great things about SilverSea, have you ever cruised with them?
    Enjoy the rest of your trip. I know I will enjoy traveling vicariously through your blog entries and photos.
    All the best,

  4. Paul says:

    Like many transactions that matter, I still work in batch rather than real-time mode. 😉

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