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More 2010 travel plans…

I just finished booking a family cruise for November 21, 2010 on the NCL Pearl from Miami. Libby, Emerson, and I will be enjoying an aft “mini suite” (really more of a “deluxe balcony” in my book). I’ve also booked a nearby cabin for my mother and grandfather. Libby’s parents have opted to sit this Thanksgiving cruise out.

The 7 day cruise is to the Western Caribbean and visits Mexio, Belize, and Honduras, as well as Key West. That will add +2 countries for us — making our projected total a net gain of +7 in 2010 (including our trip on the Nieuw Amsterdam in July — not bad, all things considered). :-)

Here’s a photo of the Pearl (taken on a weekend cruise in October, 2008):

NCL Pearl

3 Responses to “More 2010 travel plans…”

  1. Myndi says:

    My first cruise was similar in destination – Miami, Grand Cayman, Honduras (Roatan), Belize (Belize City), and Mexico (Costa Maya). It was lovely, though the docks in Roatan were heavily guarded by men (militia? police?) carrying very large guns which I initially found unsettling. But really beautiful. What are the specific destinations?

    I’m always excited when you post on this blog. No vacations for us until savings don’t have to be applied towards other goals, so I’m living vicariously through the two of you. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Paul says:

    We’re actually headed to the same specific destinations: Roatan, Belize City, and Costa Maya!

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