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One week and counting…

I’m writing this aboard a Delta Airline’s flight. This is my final business trip before our vacation next week. I have to say: this vacation has been a long time in coming. It will be our first time back to Europe in about 15 months. That’s probably not long by most standards, but it’s an eternity by that of Paul & Libby, World of Travelers. 😉

We have countries to visit!

I’m excited about Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania. I can’t say that I really have well formed expectations. I don’t. However, that’s usually a recipe for travel success (e.g., our first visit to Prague). Most of all, I’m excited about the prospect of spending a week with Libby seeing the world. I think we could give up most “luxuries” in life… but not travel. We’re simply too passionate about it.

In more practical terms, I’m doing the usual “mad dash” to get ready to go. I think we have things largely in order… both for us and for Emerson. But, I expect the remainder of the week and weekend to be utterly hectic.

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  1. Myndi says:

    My brother has been a lot more places than I (lucky dog lived in Italy for nearly 3 years!) and he loves Croatia. Says it’s really beautiful and not as touristy as you might expect. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip! And how exciting to reclaim some alone time with your wife, doing something you both love so much. :)

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