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Two weeks and counting…

We’re off to Venice in two weeks from today!

And then we’ll be on the brand new Nieuw Amsterdam (actually the 4th Nieuw Amsterdam in HAL’s history) for her (semi-)inaugural sailing. I say “semi” because she starts a 10-day cruise three days ahead of us. We’re embarking later on the shorter 7-day sailing in order to limit the time away from Emerson. Sadly, we’ll miss calling at Dubrovnik. But, on the bright side, we’ll visit Split in Croatia instead.

We’re excited to go but utterly unprepared! C’est la vie.

2 Responses to “Two weeks and counting…”

  1. Dick says:

    You have two weeks to prepare, and I am sure you will be. I think Split is a great alternative. Have a great trip.

    And thanks for participating in my birthday celebration. Having you and Libby there was very special; unfortunately didn’t get enough time to visit.

  2. Myndi says:

    Wow! You have to be so excited! I am excited for you (and, admittedly, a little jealous). I can’t wait to hear about the trip and see pics. It feels like it will be years before we’ll be able to take a trip like that, so I’m definitely living vicariously through all my traveling friends. Bon voyage, my friend!

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