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Cruise Day #6 — At Sea

It’s our final full day of the cruise.

All in all, it’s been an enjoyable trip. I’m not even going to promise a full cruise review or a quick posting of pictures (neither of which I seem capable of producing). I will however take this chance to write up a few final thoughts…

First, I’m surprised that I enjoyed the ports in almost exactly the reverse order of what I expected, favoring Labadee for its family fun and thinking Grand Cayman the least interesting. The lesson? Much like we found in St. Thomas, the Caribbean isn’t really at its best in towns filled with duty free shopping and little else.

Second, while traveling with a toddler is becoming increasingly easier, it’s still an effort and not always fun (or at least as care free). But, it is also uniquely rewarding and enjoyable in a different way. I’m also proud that Emerson’s country count already reaches 21 (one for every month she’s been alive)! I wonder if a new goal should be 157 for Emerson by the time she’s 18? 😉

Third and finally, not knowing what life ever has in store, I wish to pause and simply reflect on my good fortune in being able to experience all that I have in my (come Dec 4) 35 years on this planet. Sometimes, I think I spend too much time thinking/planning/worrying about the future. In pausing to look over my shoulder, I’m grateful for my past experiences, both large and small. I’m also thankful for the life I lead that’s populated with a family and friends who are better than I deserve.

On that note, I’ll stop writing and start watching the sunset before me…


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  1. Dick says:

    Paul, as always, another interesting trip. Thank you for the posts – I always enjoy reading your comments. Nice photograph and nice closing thoughts regarding family and friends. I am proud to consider you and Libby as two of my best friends.

    Welcome home.

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