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We left Hong Kong around 8:30am, arriving in Tokyo a little after 1:00pm. Score (+1 country)! Sadly, our visit to Japan was even shorter than our visit to South Korea (on this trip anyway), and we departed around 3:00pm for Seattle. We flew on one of Delta’s Airbus A330s, which was formerly part of the Northwest fleet. While the plane obviously flew fine, it was a bit dingy on the interior – time for a refresh Delta!

We landed in Seattle around 7:15am… on the same day… 90 minutes before we left Hong Kong!

We had a lengthier layover in Seattle, departed in the late afternoon for Atlanta, arrived there in the early evening, and then quickly changed planes for our onward flight to Tampa. We arrived home around 11:00pm. This meant the duration of our travel day (hotel in Hong Kong to home in Tampa) was approximately 30 hours.

I could complain about the misery of air travel or fatigue of such a long day. But, considering what would have been required to make this journey throughout most of the course of human history, this was nothing. We flew off to Asia for a week. And, we returned safely home. All in relative comfort.
Amazing, really.

Today’s box score: +1 country (Japan)

Note: I’m a bit late in posting this… fatigue, insomnia, illness, and needing to catch up on work all conspired to halt my blogging on arrival home. I have pictures… someday I’ll post them. :-)

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  1. Dick says:

    You had better post some pictures. Sorry you were not feeling good. Happy to hear that you are home. Chat soon,

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