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Day #1: On our way…

Well, the “big day” is finally here. We’re heading east: around the world! As usual, the pre-departure week has been hectic. Too much to do; too little time to do it. One would think we’d start getting ready for such a trip earlier.


We don’t. We know the drill: pack very light, fill up the iDevices, double check we have passports/money, and leave for the airport on time. Everything else is fairly insignificant.

Yet, I’m still more exhausted than excited right now. :-)

This is our most ambitious trip yet. We’ll hop across the pond to spend a few days in London. We’ll them follow the “Kangaroo Route” to Australia with an intermission that will have us hopscotching through Southeast Asia for about a week and a half. We then return home from Sydney via the “Southern Cross” route.

Here’s the map of our route.

World Route Map

Let the adventure begin!

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  1. Evanitta says:

    She’s so well travelled! I can’t wait to hear from her what this adventure was like when you guys get back. Safe travels!

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