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Cruise Day #4: Antigua

Have you ever noticed that some days while traveling just seem to be stuck in the doldrums? For no particular reason, yesterday was a bit like that for us; everything was just mildly “off” somehow: Emerson was a little fussy, the weather was humid, and St. Croix seemed uninspiring. Heck, even the selections at the Windjammer were unappealing. Almost every trip has a day like this for me…

Then you go to bed, wake up the next morning, and all is right again.

Today, for example, was just blissful. We woke up early, ate breakfast at the uncrowded buffet, and departed the ship by 8:30. We went to Fort James Beach, which was a short taxi ride away. The beach was deserted. Literally. We were the only people on it. We swam in the water and played in the sand. Our taxi driver returned promptly at 11:30 to pick us up from our “private” beach.

We returned to the ship, got changed, and grabbed a quick lunch. It was “grande nachos” day… all the guacamole Emerson could eat! We then headed back into town and walked around for a little while, enjoying the local art galleries and higher end “trinkets and trash” shops. Libby and Emerson returned to the ship while I went to “Cheers, Antigua” for a $5 beer and some free wifi.

Upon my return, Emerson happily took her afternoon nap and then went off with Libby to the “Barbie Family Fun” event at the kid’s club. We then had dinner in the Windjammer and went to the evening’s juggling/comedy/whatever show.

All in all, a very good day in Antigua!


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