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Dawn broke to reveal skies dotted with rainstorms on the horizon. Our breakfast arrived a little after 7:30, just as we were picking up the pilot to dock in St. Croix. By 8:00, we were done with breakfast, alongside the pier, and cleared to go ashore.

In St. Croix, large cruise ships dock in Frederiksted, which my guidebook calls “a sleepy town” and suggests I “spend as little time as possible” there. Following a squall line (wind, torrential rain) passing through, we headed out and deceived to remain in Frederiksted for the morning.

The historic Fort Fredriksted, at the base of the pier, is rather modest. It looks more like a ranch-style home with cannons in the backyard pointed out to sea. Behind the fort is a small children’s park with playground equipment. Emerson happily spent a while there on the swings and jungle gyms.

Once done with the park, we strolled through town and along the waterfront. The architecture was charming and generally in good repair. There were a handful of tourist-centric shops and a couple of restaurants/bars (a few of which we’re closed as it was Monday). I bought us drinks at the local pharmacy, which was located (along with the USVI Supreme Court) right in what is normally the highly touristy, duty free shopping zone in other port towns.

All in all, we liked Frederiksted.

I noticed the breeze was picking up and the sky growing cloudy to our east. Being a Floridian, you know a thing about tropical moisture. So, we decided to head back to the ship to avoid getting soaked, and we almost made it before the next downpour! :-)

After lunch, I took Emerson to the kiddie pool, which she loves. She played happily with a nine year old, who didn’t seem to mind she was only three. We then returned to the cabin for an afternoon nap, which Emerson always complains about but ultimately takes.

We ordered room service for dinner in order to have time to catch the 7:00 show. The show featured a variety of numbers from musical theater. Emerson sat riveted by it–for a three year old, she can really focus (if/when she wants to). We mostly enjoyed her enjoying it… this isn’t the West End after all.

We all went to bed early (again). I’m getting over a cold, and Libby and I had frantic weeks leading up to this trip. So, we’re pretty happy just relaxing… such as one can with a three year old in tow anyway. 😉

Note: I’d have added some photos, but I’m posting this from a bar in Antigua. WiFi cost me a beer, but unlike the beer it’s not very good.

Oh well, cheers!

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