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Today, we returned to Cozumel for the third time. We were first here on a cruise in 1997 aboard Norwegian’s tiny Leeward on our honeymoon. We didn’t like it then. We returned in 2008 on our inaugural Thanksgiving cruise, and we found it more appealing. Today, we enjoyed it a bit more. So, it seems to be improving with age. :-)

We departed the ship early and took Pop on a tour of San Miguel. We then returned to the ship and left Emerson with Mom and Pop while we went shopping (mostly browsing) in town. I did buy a bottle of aged tequila, and Libby bought a set of silver hoop earrings to replace one that she’d lost a couple of months back. We then had an enjoyable lunch at Pancho’s Backyard (pretty good food, decent prices, and an appropriately festive ambiance).

We returned to the ship in time to avoid a deluge, which turned out to be more than just a brief tropical shower. By the time we’d left port, the weather had turned rather foul. We spent the evening sailing into high winds and twelve foot seas, much to the chagrin of some of our fellow passengers.

This didn’t stop us from enjoying an excellent meal at Le Bistro, which we felt was much improved over prior visits. The starters, entrees, and desserts were all tres bien, as was the nice bottle of Cote de Rhone. Indeed, for me it was one of the rare, magical moments in life when you’re just happy to be where you are, doing what you’re doing, with whom you’re with and to know at the time that you should remember and be grateful for it.

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