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Cruise Day #7: At Sea

Today was our final sea day. Sadly for many of passengers, it was overcast and a bit wet; certainly not a day of fun in the sun. Fortunately, the wind and seas had subsided by morning.

We passed it as we do most days at sea: eating meals, playing with Emerson, taking a nap, reading books, etc. It also gave me ample time to pack our bags and make ready for our not-so-long journey home.

We had an Italian dinner at La Cucina, which we’ve come to enjoy on this cruise. The staff there especially dotes on Emerson, which she loves (almost as much as grandmother and great-grandfather enjoy watching her getting the attention). For my part, I’m never fully comfortable with the added attention of having a decent percentage of the ship’s staff knowing my daughter and greeting me with “where’s Emerson” when I’m not with her.

What can I say? I’m not a social creature. :-)

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